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Tilting & Turning Towards Tremendous Turnover!

Updated: Mar 8

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four people stood around kommerling pvcu white door

Recently we did a PR picture for kopmmerling pic above L-R Brian McDonald,Ian Smith,Andy Richards and John Armstrong ! This week marks a bit of a milestone for me, I've clocked 30 years in the double glazing Industry, this very week.Yeah,hard to believe I know as I look barely out of my 20's ! I've seen a few changes in that time and some things have stayed exactly the same. Well we all know the changes there's been so many, but what about the things that as true in 2020 as they were in 1990 ?

It's refreshing to learn that some things just never change

After 30 years it would be easy to have become slightly jaded, dispassionate and unmotivated

previous to changing to Kommerling we'd spent 20 years with one supplier and nothing against them in their early days, they were a dynamic,vibrant,quality company in the latter years these values were replaced by one key motive, immediate short term profits at the expense of long term product development...think of the farmer killing the golden goose.

Something that changing over to Kommerling pvc-u profiles has impressed upon me,is their massive commitment to ongoing product development in some cases seven years down the line. They've invested in their future and that of their partners, that makes them strong in an uncertain future and more importantly, today,right now.

Positive Values never Change

That's the point I've distilled down too, these last few months as I ruminate on my 30 year career in double glazing, it reads something like this

'How you do anything in business is how you do everything in business'

I think that about sums it up quite literally that the big 5 year outcomes are the the sum of the multitude of little actions we take in business on a daily,hour by hour ,minute by minute basis.

Our change over to Kommerling profiles was a bit of a catalyst for that line of thought and I very much feel invigorated to enjoy another 30 years in this rather wonderful industry.

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