Will RAL 7016 Grey windows become the equivalent of an avocado bathroom suite?

Updated: May 10, 2019

Two grey windows side by side
Grey windows side by side which will triumph?

Let me be honest ...We sell a lot of grey 7016 windows, in both aluminium and PVC-U flat paint and foiled finish in PVC-u and I imagine it will continue for quite a few years yet.

Have we reached peak 7016 Grey windows ?

I think we are getting near the limit of 7016 grey in today's market place, remember windows used to be diamond white and then mahogany wood grain took a slice,followed by light oak, then Irish Oak,leading to white foiled windows, (which seem a bit bizarre to me) and finally grey 7016 also known as anthracite, hey my windows are made from coal !

7016 grey was originally an architectural choice on commercial aluminium installations, it's stark Teutonic minimalism made a statement of efficient, Bauhaus design,now you can

see it on a council estate near you .

It does beg the question though when something is virtually everywhere it can suddenly disappear over night,prime examples are fidget spinners,ice bucket challenge,pulled pork

( what is that anyway?) napster, and 50 shades of grey.....All victims of the vicissitudes of ever changing fashion, 'in that people yearn exclusivity but not at the price of them looking totally different to everyone else'

The irony of 50 shades of grey it's only 30

Can you recall the time you last seen an avocado bathroom suite? I can't and for good reason they have in the main be replaced by a different coloured one, mainly white I suspect.

Maybe grey coloured windows will be ripped out and replaced with the latest on trend fashion colour? perhaps RAL 7038 Agate grey ( its popular on new Porsche 911's)

I guess that will probably happen and even though It's rather anti-consumerist it's certainly good for the replacement window industry.