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Want to sell more bifolds? Do what Sid did

Updated: Mar 14

I started off in retail sales, whilst I was still at school, back in 1986. It was a great time to be in double glazing then,Sid the sales manager let me pick him up from the pub in his black BMW 520i and drive him to that evening's sales dems.

One thing that Sid insisted on was taking a sales sample into the call, not your usual 400 x 700 hand sample, no Sid's sales aid was in fact a fully glazed window 900 mm x 1100 mm in a gold lame fabric bag ( think Micheal Jackson's jacket) my job on Q, was to go out to the car and fetch Amy in.Amy was Sid's name for the sales sample.

Amy 'lived' across the back seat on Sid's Beemer and Amy weighed a literal tonne.But she also won Sid a tonne load of sales too. I guess it's old school now but back then white PVC-u windows were like the newest apple smartphones, exciting,glamorous and hip.

Sid's reasoning went 'I'm showing them exactly what there getting and explaining to them why our window are the best for them' admittedly part of Sid's pitch involved claiming that the gaskets used were the same material as used in the Space shuttle doors (EPDM seals seems reasonable) and people were duly impressed.

When a 17 year old teenager struggled through their front room with a gold fabric covered slab which was then slowly unveiled and the customer was instructed to feel the weight of it. People buy what they can see, what they can touch and can easily visualise.

So a take a full size bi-folding door then ?

Well ideally if you could that would be great and I have seen several Luton bodied mobile showrooms that have a full size bifold installed,which is taken to the sales call a great idea.It's major drawback is the expense of buying, running and sometimes parking the vehicle near the prospects home.

We have a better Solution....

Neofoldz bi fold sales sample

Our mini Neofoldz bi fold door is a fantastic way to show your customer a working bifold door in the comfort of their own home. Imagine your competitors with just a brochure trying to explain in a attention grabbing way, how the traffic door works independently of the slave door,

Selling to goldfishes is easier these days

In 2013 the attention span* of the average person was 1 second less than that of a goldfish, where was I ?, exactly ! you need a memorable impact in your sales pitch.A neofoldz mini allows you to show people how a bifold really works and in a way the consumer can grasp and appreciate.

Our trade customers report closing more sales when they take a Neofoldz mini on a call

Maybe you should join them and enjoy increased sales conversion rates too.

How much are they ? And how do I get one? and win like Sid did

Well that's the best part ! not as much a real one,we can make Neofoldz mini in two or three pane versions and in sizes to fit your vehicle.We can also supply in any RAL dual colour for even greater impact.

To find out more please email us

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