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Something new,something blue,sky blue! in coloured pvc-u windows

Updated: Mar 7

Our new kommerling Astrigal bar C70 system got a blue finish today,with our inhouse Elysiam colour cast system. They say there's a unique window colour for every house and this finish in RAL 5015 Sky blue looks like a 1950's retro colour especially as its been applied to kommerling's astrigal bar system complete with duplex 28 mm sealed units.

The period iron ware handle aka known as a 'monkey tail' really improves the look and feel of the 1950's style. It's gratifying to know that this window offers ultra performance of a 21st century fenestration product but visually harks back to a different time.

We're finding more and more discerning property owners are looking for windows that make a statement about their property as well as their own sense of style. Elysiam colour cast offers the home owner a way to really be creative in colour ways that other manufacturers can't currently offer,coloured pvc-u windows.

Please contact us for full pricing details available in C70 & O70 kommerling profiles

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