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One small step for a bifold

Updated: Mar 8

One small step for a bifold . If your wondering how much floor height you'll have on the inside of your bifold installation, when specifying a low threshold its important to know the relevant heights;

Neofoldz cill is 25 mm high

Aluminium low threshold 20mm

Total height 45 mm

aluminium bifold door cill and low threshold
bifold aluminium threshold

If you'd like an aluminium ramp on your bifold this can be also be specified

when the ramp is fitted it leave 25 mm of cill on the inside ie your floor height

aluminium bifold low threshold sat on cill with internal ramp
threshold on cill with interior ramp attached

With a standard Neofoldz outer frame you have a total of 60 mm height

aluminium bifold outerframe on cill outward opening
standard outerframe on cill outward opening door

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