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Neolite Aluminium Roof Lights


Neolite features video

Blue Neoloite logo with house roof and words be the light
  • NEOLITE  stands just 63 mm above the roof upstand

  • Built in plaster board pocket 

  • laminated inner pane for full UV protection to furnishings

  • Thermally broken aluminium frame

  • any RAL colour available in Elysiam finish 

  • Typical U value 1.3 

  • NO external gaskets or sealants to leak

  • Fixing straps included

Neolite schematic

technical image of Neolite roof on timber subfrane

Neolite specifications 

Polished edge to edge glass 
  • High end lim contemporary design 

  • The glass is the drainage channel - no gaskets 

  • No sealants to go off on the surface

Active Solar control glass - standard  
  • 6mm tough exterior pane reflects internal heat 

  • low maintenance self cleaning glass 

6.4 Laminated inner pane - standard  
  • sound attenuation reduces exterior noise

  • 98% of Sun bleaching UV is eliminated 

  • will never shatter  

High thermal performance  - standard  
  • Thermally broken aluminium frame 

  • 20 mm warm edge black bar 

  • argon gas filled sealed unit 

  • U value of 1.3 w/m2K

Simple installation  - standard  
  • Fixed from inside - no leak points 

  • fixing straps pre fitted just screw to upstand 

  • Plaster pocket fitted as standard for flush fast finish 

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