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Bifold door designs 

Bifold doors designs are based on the amount of opening  panes, each individual pane is normally anywhere between 700 mm and 1200 mm in width.So a bifold door with 3 panes can span an brickwork opening of 

2100 mm wide to 3600 mm wide.The height is normally between 2100 mm and 2400 mm high.

Bifold doors can be made with 10 panes or more and span very large brickwork openings to 10 metres or more.

Knowing how many panes you'd like or are limited to by the size of the opening is straightforward.

You can then choose in which directions, left or right you'd like the panes to fold in.

The term scheme  is a bifold industry term to describe how a bifold door opens and in which way


  • The first number 3 refers to the total amount of opening panes in the design 

  • The second numberrefers to the number of panes moving across to the left 

  • The final number is the number of panes that move to the right 

  • The view is always taken from the outside of the property looking into your home

knowing what scheme you'd like

Scheme 3-2-1

3-2-1 bifol scheme image

example 3-2-1 scheme .

I'd like my doors to open from the centre 4-2-2 scheme

The majority of bifold doors will have the master ie door that opens first located at either end of the bifold.A 4-2-2 scheme bifold has a centre opening; 4 panes in total 2 folding keft and 2 folding right.If your interested please check out the diagram of the central meeting mullion it's slightly wider.

4-2-2 bifold design centre opening
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